Quinte Children’s Homes provides foster care services to children throughout Ontario.

Our professional parent therapists are compassionate, highly-educated and well-compensated leaders within the foster home industry.

Experience Counts

We opened our doors in 1999. Since then, QCH has provided over 100,000 days of care to Ontario’s youth.

Continuity Matters

We focus on continuity of care with long-term treatment placements averaging 896 days.


Clinically-Educated Ownership + Outcome Measures.

80% of our youth reside in their original family unit.

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Who We Are

Quinte Children’s Homes’ mission is to provide a range of treatment services to children and youth, who would benefit from a foster home environment that encourages growth, change and positive interaction in the family, community and within the rights and responsibilities of each individual.

Quinte Children’s Homes understands the magnitude of healing and change that is brought about through the parent-child relationship and the increased opportunities to make the most of “therapeutic moments.” With this in mind, Quinte Children’s Homes fashioned their program so that both primary care and treatment were delivered through Parent Therapists.

Quinte Children’s Homes recognises the need for parent-therapist services as a means of providing children and adolescents with a structured and consistent family environment focusing on the development of positive relationships, social skills, academic/occupational skills, family values and morality. The treatment program is designed to assist children and adolescents who have a wide range of emotional, psychological and/or behavioral problems and enable them to obtain the highest level of functioning to which they are capable.

Our approach is one of commitment and common sense, along with a current clinical perspective on the young people in our care. Quinte Children’s Homes believes in a partnership with the referral source and the community in order to provide the best possible service to each young person and their family. When in the best interest of the child, QCH aims to work with the appropriate parties to promote contact with the natural family and, when indicated, to assist in the child’s repatriation to the family home.

The distinctive component of all Quinte Children’s Homes programs is the development and use of Parent Therapists to provide substitute family life experiences, together with treatment services for the child, in a home environment.

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