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CARF Accreditation: Why Quinte Children’s Homes is Your Best Choice for Special Needs Care

Quality. It’s hard to find. For parents and guardians of special needs children it can be nearly impossible to locate. Thanks in large part to the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, also known as CARF, families can now find recommended organizations such as Quinte Children’s Homes through their accreditation program.

What is CARF?

Simply put CARF is an international, non-profit accreditor of health and human services providers. They specialize in aging services, medical rehab, behavioral health and child and youth services among other things. CARF reviews the practices and programs of a group, as well as success, and assesses their value and quality among care providers.

When an organization receives accreditation, a consumer can be sure that care provider is at the top of it’s class. Quinte Children’s Homes is one such accredited organization.

QCH began building its team of residential and mental health professionals in 1999. Children and families are teamed with dedicated staff with specialized experience and designations in Psychiatry, Psychology, Counseling, Psychometry and Social Work.

What Accreditation Means

“Getting accredited was important to Stevenson Waplak & Associates because it promoted our commitment to the quality of care and services we provide,” said Terry Stevenson, MA and Corporate Director of Stevenson Waplak & Associates.

“It meant that our programs and services would have the benefit of a third party accrediting body advising us on where we were getting it right and where we might be getting it wrong, and give us the opportunity to make improvements that would benefit all of our clients,” added Stevenson.

Quinte Children’s Homes and their parent organization, Stevenson Waplak & Associates, found out about CARF through the Ontario Association for Residences Treating Youth.

“After a thorough review of various (accreditation) organizations, we decided that CARF was the best fit for SWA and the programs and services we deliver,” said Stevenson.

This CARF accreditation sets QCH apart as a premier service provider in the industry.

“Accreditation gives us the processes to analyze our strengths and weaknesses and make improvements based on client outcomes and customer satisfaction,” Stevenson said.

Organizational Benefits

Meeting the requirements as an organization is difficult but once the accreditation process is completed the service provider can reap the benefits of being a recognized group.

“Clients accrue many of the benefits from our programs undergoing an accreditation,”

According to Stevenson the accreditation assures families that QCH is adhering to the highest standards with improved communications added to services that are tailored to the individual client.

“Overall, our clients have better outcomes and greater satisfaction from our services,” Stevenson added.

Other benefits of the accreditation program include accountability to funding sources, referral agencies, and the community. Evidence to provincial and local governments concerning commitment to the quality of programs and services that receive funding are also regularly reviewed.

“While we were accustomed to monitoring outcomes for each individual client we served, we did not regularly monitor overall program and service outcomes,” said Stevenson.

“The process of accreditation helped us re-focus on program and service outcomes, while developing a quality improvement cycle to analyze our programs’ strengths and weaknesses and introduce evidence based practices into our policies and procedures.”

SWA strives to include the development of management techniques that are efficient, cost-effective, and based on outcomes and consumer satisfaction; guidance for responsible management and professional growth of personnel; and a tool for marketing programs and services to consumers, referral sources, and third party funders,” finished Stevenson.

The full range of services and functions provided by QCH and SWA are wide reaching and comprehensive, helping many families that have difficulty finding solutions for their service needs. Come see how Quinte Children’s Homes and Stevenson Waplak & Associates are setting the standards in the human and child services industry.