Learning More About Attachment Theory

Attachment theory is something that’s been studied by researchers for more than 60 years, meaningfully influencing everything from court procedures to the use of orphanages to encourage better results for children. From that theory, attachment disorders have emerged, some outlining styles of behaviour with others describing specific disorders. The theory has also influenced the way… Continue reading →

parenting tips

Parenting Tips for Foster Parents

Patience, flexibility and understanding are traits every foster parent should have, but what specific parenting tips can two long-time caregivers provide? Shannon Banks and Kim Cross have collectively worked with Quinte Children’s Homes for more than 14 years as foster parents, what we call Parent Therapists, caring for many different kids through high points and… Continue reading →

stigma of mental health

New Position at Queen’s Focused on Fighting Stigma of Mental Health

The stigma of mental health issues is increasingly under attack, thanks in part to an announcement earlier this month by Bell Canada and Queen’s University in Kingston, ON: The creation of the Bell Mental Health and Anti-Stigma Research Chair. This position is a $1-million initiative created to focus on the stigma around mental illness. It… Continue reading →