Quinte Children’s Homes’ clients experience life altering and most often traumatic events that jeopardize their safety. When a Children’s Aide Society is required to remove a client from their family home for that client’s protection, Quinte Children’s Homes is a prominent option for a client needing a warm, supportive and treatment oriented family home, either temporarily or long-term.

Often, Quinte Children’s Homes’ clients are also identified as having learning disabilities; mild intellectual defiencies; developmental disabilities; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; oppositional defiant disorder; conduct disorder or other emotional difficulties, such as, anxiety and sadness, which makes socializing very difficult. Quinte Children’s Homes invites you to browse through a limited sample of health issues that can negatively affect a child’s mental health and how different therapeutic services can be utilized to, not only treat such issues, but also maintain positive mental health.

Quinte Children’s Homes understands the challenges that clients face and work with all members of a client’s treatment team, family, social, medical, psychological, and psychiatric to create a positive home environment for the client and maximize the client’s life potential.