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How to Become a Foster Parent

Becoming a foster parent, (or in Quinte Children’s Homes’ model a “professional parent”) can be the hardest and yet most rewarding experience. It takes dedication and patience to properly raise a child, especially to provide for those who have been disadvantaged through trauma, neglect, or mental health related issues. You want to make a difference, but knowing where to start and how to get involved is half the battle.


Quinte Children’s Homes, a Parent/Therapist level and treatment-based foster care program out of Belleville, ON, can lead you through the process of determining whether this career choice is right for you all the way through to providing treatment for the new children welcomed into your family.  At Quinte Children’s Homes we take children’s treatment seriously by recognizing that it takes clinical expertise to create treatment plans that will meet the needs and build the strengths of the children we care for within family based living.  We also take the process of matching foster parents with children very seriously, utilizing information gathered about the family through clinical interviews and assessments taking into account the characteristics of the child and the type of treatment being required.

Our model is to take educated, well-trained, well-meaning , dedicated parents and provide them with wrap-around specialized clinical, educational and psychiatric supports to advance the life of a child in need.  For us, it’s all about treatment, through knowledge, foresight and matching. This allows us to ensure a high level of success for our children while reducing their needs and building their developmental assets to provide a career opportunity that is emotionally and financially rewarding.

Qunite Children’s Homes seeks individuals to join our treatment team that have a combination of post-secondary education, life experiences working with children and a desire to open their homes and their lives to those around them.  We leave no stone unturned, with comprehensive assessments of our families to ensure the highest quality of parents in our program. We go after the best and the brightest.

Quinte Children’s Homes Mission is to provide a range of treatment services to children and youth who would benefit from an environment that encourages growth, change and positive interaction in the family, community and within the rights and responsibilities of each individual.

How to become a foster parent with QCH

So you’re probably asking yourself, ‘How do you get the best and the brightest to work with you?’.

Our approach is simple.

We build competent and talented teams that provide excellent support for our foster parents. We are driven by a passion to better our communities and the world. Our excellent compensation package also attracts good talent. You’ve got to provide the best for your team members to be able to hire the best and we do exactly that.

QCH encourages anyone with the passion and the skill set to fill out our application form and to become part of the solution. These kids need our love, attention and treatment skills in order to lead productive lives. With your help we can gift each child with a future of possibilities.

For more information on our services and programs please visit our website.