Heather and Richard

Meet Our Parent Therapists – Heather and Richard

About Heather and Rich

Heather is an active, bilingual mother who is incredibly involved in her children’s lives through coaching and organizing school and community events. She enjoys structure and routine along with some fun and unexpected surprises. Both Heather and Rich are family-oriented, upbeat individuals. Heather says Rich “has a ton of patience and a great outlook on life.”

The Program

Heather and Rich provide a program that is treatment-oriented with a strong emphasis on family and building long-term relationships. “We provide structure and routine in a positive family atmosphere,” says Heather. “We utilize many different behavioural management techniques to help assist and support our children depending on what they require.”

The couple thrives on the endless challenges and rewards they receive through working with children. Heather and Rich want all the children who share their home to experience a caring family atmosphere with endless potential for growth. They hope the children they nurture come away with a positive outlook on life and the power to achieve their goals.

The Home

The family lives in a 1,600 square-foot bungalow in the city of Belleville. The home has 8 bedrooms and three bathrooms. It is within walking distance to local parks, elementary and secondary schools. The yard is designed for younger children to enjoy the outdoors, it is equipped with an above-ground pool, trampoline, play structure, tree swings and a new garden all within a fenced backyard.

Current Residents

Heather and Rich have two daughters and a young son. They are currently fostering 2 younger children with special needs as well as a teenager with special needs.

The family includes Pepper, an energetic lab/husky mix, a mastiff mix named Jaws who is a gentle giant and a young cat named Lynx who is always up for snuggles.


Heather enjoys outdoor activities as well as playing soccer in the BQWSC. Rich is a hands-on stepdad who loves playing with the girls or cuddling on the couch to watch a movie or read a book. He enjoys music and plays drums, guitar and keyboards in a local band. This energetic family is always on the go. They enjoy spending time outside, hiking or camping. They also like to hang out indoors, playing board games, watching movies or doing crafts.

All the family members play on local sports teams and participate in community activities. The group also enjoys travelling around Ontario and Quebec to visit extended family. They often visit attractions such as La Ronde, the Complexe Atlantide, Medieval Times and Upper Canada Village. In the summer months, Heather and Rich like to take the gang camping and swimming at provincial parks and KOA campgrounds. They also attend YMCA programs year-round.

Education and Experience

Heather holds a diploma in Recreation and Leisure. She has experience working in a residential treatment home for boys ages 5 to 17. She has been a parent therapist with Quinte Children’s Homes for several years. Heather is also an EA in the local school boards. Richard studied audio engineering and has management experience working with adolescents.

Recently Heather has returned to school to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Business Management and Rich to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Mathematics.