Our Staff Makes the Difference

Quinte Children’s Homes (QCH) wouldn’t be where we are today without the skills and efforts of committed staff members – compassionate people like Jillian Carnrike, a counsellor/therapist and program supervisor.

As a counsellor/therapist, Carnrike provides therapeutic interventions aimed at developing the skills of our QCH kids. In her second role as program supervisor, Carnrike oversees parent-therapist homes, ensuring that children are happy and receiving all needed aspects of care. She’s also there for parent-therapists, supporting them and offering valuable advice and assistance when it’s needed.

“Having this dual role is beneficial, because I’m able to work individually with the child on specific skills and then implement goals within the home to aid in the development of those skills,” notes Carnrike.

With the help of passionate staff members like Carnrike, QCH is able to nurture the relationships between parent-therapists and children, helping to bring about the healing and change that QCH children need and deserve.

Connecting with Kids

“Jillian’s ability to connect with our kids was apparent within days of her arrival. She was able to engage some of our most challenging little ones with her easy-going style,” says Melissa Hulshof, program coordinator at QCH. “When a position became available, it was an easy decision for the team.”

Carnrike says one of the biggest rewards of her job is working with children and having the opportunity to help them develop new skills and achieve some of their goals. There’s a personal pay-off as well. “What I find so rewarding about my job is that every day seems to be different, and typically a challenge,” she says. “I feel as though I learn something new every day.”

Carnrike started working with QCH while completing the practicum component of her master’s degree. She enjoyed her experience at QCH so much that she never left. “I completed my practicum in April of 2012. As of May, I began counselling part-time. As of October, I was here full-time, dividing my time between the roles of counsellor and program supervisor.”

Carnrike holds a BA in psychology and family and social relations from the University of Windsor and an MA in counselling psychology from Yorkville University in New Brunswick.

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