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Quinte Children’s Homes and the Children’s Aid Society: Solutions

Professional and reliable help when kids need it

Every day, Ron Genereaux meets kids who need help. Often, foster care is the best solution. Sometimes these youth need a safe place to stay; sometimes they need a little bit more. That’s when he turns to Quinte Children’s Homes (QCH).

“What QCH offers is a bigger, better and more encompassing program,” said Genereaux, a child protection worker for the Children’s Aid Society in Prince Edward County. “They offer professional counseling, evaluations – I know that if [QCH] doesn’t provide it they know who does.”

While that streamlined approach makes his job easier, Genereaux says the way QCH provides care works for the kids, too. “They can provide almost anything a kid might need. And their professionalism runs from top to bottom.”

That professionalism extends to QCH’s parent therapists. Genereaux said he’s placed 9 or 10 kids with QCH parent therapists over the years and has no complaints about any of them. “The family environment works well for a lot of kids, and [Quinte Children’s Homes] does a very good job of screening parent therapists. They also do a great job providing training.  Both are instrumental, and it can be hard to do both right.”

Ron feels he has a bit of an advantage because he’s known some staff, like Jeff Waplak, for years. He has followed QCH from the beginning as it grew, developed, and changed. “I have a very honest relationship with them. From the beginning I knew what I would get working with QCH and that it would be what I was looking for; I don’t interject in their program because what I’m interested in is results for the kids – and they deliver.”

If you’re interested in helping a kid by becoming a foster parent, please contact Quinte Children’s homes about our family therapist program.